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Fire Protection Seals


Firewerx can supply and install panel penetration seals for the fire resistant closing of any size of opening in walls, ceilings and/or floors.

Our penetration seal solutions provide a smoke and gas tight fire stopping seal around penetrations such as cable trays, pipes and ducts. Firewerx uses only internationally recognised proprietary products, tested and certified to conform to BS 476 Part 20/21 or to SABS 0177 Part TT. All Firewerx penetration seals will provide either 60 or 120 minute fire protection in respect of integrity, stability and insulation.

Batt and Mastic Seal
For this application, factory formed fire retardant batts, clad on either side with fire retardant coating, are cut to the size of the required opening and positioned to form a tight fit. Edges are then additionally sealed using a fire rated acrylic mastic. All cables penetrating the fire seal must be coated with intumescent cable coating to a distance of 500mm from the seal.

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Collars and Wrapsfire-seals_06
PVC pipes often penetrate through soffits and or fire walls. These are a potential risk in the event of fire. Firewerx will provide either an intumescent collar or wrap, to the size of the relevant PVC pipe, which will intumesce in the event of fire and effectively close the resultant hole with a fire stopping char. Collars are fixed to the wall, floor or soffit by mechanical fixing and intumescent wraps are fitted in between the PVC pipe and the surrounding brickwork.

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