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Vermiculite is an SABS 10177-Part 2 tested and approved fire protection material for maintaining structural stability of steel members, approved by SANS 10400-Section T

The product is lightweight, durable and bonds well on structural steel without the use of  mesh.  Being a low density material, vermiculite plaster will absorb sound. The plaster is low density and does not significantly add to the overall weight of a structure. Being low density it also reduces the risk of cracking in actual fire situations as well as mechanical damage.

Vermiculite plaster has a pH value of 12.5 which does not promote corrosion. All components of our plaster is South African manufactured and sourced. The plaster is free of Asbestos and other harmful elements, is also TCA free certified, and safe for use in wineries and breweries and can provide condensation control, also acts as a thermal insulator prolonging the structural stability of the substrate.