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Fire Protection Paints / Coatings

Quality Intumescent Paints / Coatings for Structural Steelintumescent-coatings-to-structural-steel_03

Structural steel loses structural stability at 600 degrees. Legislation requires that structural steel supporting a floor above must be protected from fire to enable those above to escape within a given time period.

Intumescent coating is designed to protect structural steel for 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes, according to the required specified rating. In the event of a fire the coating will ‘intumesce’ and expand to form a thermally insulating layer of char to protect the steel beneath…read more

Vermiculite Plaster and Coatingsfire-coatings_06

Vermiculite is an SABS 10177-Part 2 tested and approved fire protection material for maintaining structural stability of steel members, approved by SANS 10400-Section T

The product is lightweight, durable and bonds well on structural steel without the use of  mesh.  Being a low density material, vermiculite plaster will absorb sound. The plaster is low density and does not significantly add to the overall weight of a structure…read more