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Fire Doors


Firewerx provides several passive fire stopping technologies. One of these is a factory applied or site applied intumescent coating service for architectural timber and solid timber doors. This ‘Doortect’ intumescent coating provides a 30-minute fire retardation upgrade to timber or timber doors. A sample of our ‘Doortect’ solution has been tested by SABS (test report number FPE/85017/08F). The test sample was exposed to fire in accordance with SANS 10177: Part 2-2005 “Fire Resistance test for building elements”. The test resulted in a 63-minute rating in respect of Stability, Integrity and Insulation. A copy of the test report can be supplied on request. Materials are imported and are tested internationally to both EN 13823 and BS476: Part 6/7 1987.

We can provide either a white intumescent coating for an enamel top coat to be applied on site, or a clear intumescent coating for a varnish top coat. The intumescent material is hydroscopic (draws and retains moisture), so must have a protective top coat applied after application. Firewerx will provide metal door tags as required by SABS and certifications for all fire doors and door upgrades.