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Calcium Silicate Fireboard


Firewerx calcium silicate fireboard and curtain can be used as standalone solutions or can be combined to achieve any bespoke requirements to form up to 120-minute fire separation between fire zones.

These components can be applied in several areas:

  1. Party walls between separate tenancies
  2. Internal partitions
  3. Roof void mitigation
  4. Concrete soffit perimeter fire/smoke break.
  5. Incombustible cladding to top and bottom of timber and mezzanine floors

Firewerx’s Calcium Silicate Fireboard is a cementitious calcium silicate based glass fibre cement board. A sample of

the board has been tested by SABS to provide 120-minute fire stopping capability in respect of integrity and stability. The

board can be used in locations such as partitions, timber floor protection, fire breaks at concrete soffit edge and

structural steel boxing. The board is weatherproof and can be used in internal and external applications. The

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board is especially useful for upgrading perimeter IBR sheet walls between warehouse/factory tenancies.